Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
1998 to 2011 Special District Budget Assessments
Executive Overview:

Our assessment of the Blooming Grove Special Districts covers the period from 1998 to 2011 and it supports a much
higher deficit for the Special Districts than was reported by the N.Y.S. Comptroller's Audit report titled "
Blooming Grove
Internal Controls Over Selected Financial Activities."  However, the NYS Comptroller only reviewed data from 2008 through
2009 and they must have been given the fund balance as reported by the Town Officials for the years prior to that period.

Our assessment confirms that the problems the NYS Comptrollers identified (on Page 4 of the above document)
concerning the financial management of the Special Districts existed as far back as Ms. Katie Bonelli's administration and
possible before.  However, we have been unable to obtain the budgets before 1998 as we were told they are stored in the
basement and will take some time to access.  When we obtain these documents we will update our data to reflect its impact
on the deficits and surpluses.

The actual deficits and surpluses for each of the special districts are identified below and are based on the actual data
from the Town Budgets from 1998 to 2011.  
Water District Budgets Assessments:
Miscellaneous Special District Budget Assessments:
Sewer District Budget: Assessments:
Surplus of $57,197
Deficit of $17,532
Deficit of $6,986
Deficit of $105,593
Deficit of $134,443
Deficit of $224,188
Deficit of $292,223
1998 to 2009 Deficits in BG Water Districts:    $756,447
1998 to 2009 Deficits in BG Sewer Districts:    $1,068,394
(This does not include the Surplus from Bull Mill District)
Deficit of $ $154,337
Deficit of $899,539
Surplus of $42,609
Surplus of $65,590
Surplus of $80,115
Deficit of $244
Surplus of $1,547
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