Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
This edition of the newsletter addresses MountCo, Water Master Plan and the Amended Final
Environmental Impact Statement for the OCSD.
This edition of the newsletter addresses MountCo Update, Inspector General vs Comptroller, Village of S.
BG speaks out,  A history of Valley View, County Decision to demolish the Parry Building, OCSD - Taxation
without representation, and the new government center.
This edition of the newsletter presents our Town Candidates and part 1 of the platform they are running on.  
Part 2 will be presented in the next newsletter and deals with Out Town Budget process and how we will
change it and present it to the taxpayers of our town.
This edition of the newsletter provides more information on our platform and the goals we will be trying to
achieve when we take office.
Town Committee Documents:
White Papers/Resolutions:
This edition has a review of the 2011 Election as well as articles on the Orange County Government Center,
Valley View and the Moffat Library.
This editions contains information on 2012 candidates and an article questioning the proposition on
changing the Town Supervisor's term from a 2 to a 4 year term.
This edition contains information on 2012 voting, Blooming Grove 2013 town budget, Orange County Sewer
District study concerning growth by its members, the need for a County Charter Convention for change and
concerns about redistricting and the absences of any real open process to ensure its fairness.
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  • 2013 Orange County Sewer District   
    The following study uses the U.S. Census data along with numerous other documents to project population
    and housing growth within the communities that use the Orange County Sewer District.  What this study
    shows is that Kiryas Joel's housing growth will require an additional 22.5 million gallons per day (mgpd) of
    wastewater capacity by 2040 while the other communities in that district will require approximately 3.5
    mgpd.  The estimated costs of providing that capacity is $600 million and will be paid for by all of the
    communities that are within that sewer district.

    In addition, this study uses documents that were sent between the County and the DEC to show that the current
    governance is ineffective at best and needs to be changed before we have an environmental disaster.

"The price of freedom is eternal Vigilance"
This was distributed by the candidates and our committee to the voters who signed our petitions for the
upcoming 2013 elections.  It is intended to give the voters a view of our background and our priorities.