Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
Platform Plank: Fiscal Responsibility
Platform Plank: Fiscal Responsibility
Create a Long Term Plan in support of the Town Infrastructure

In order to prepare for the future and minimize the need for sudden indebtedness to maintain our
infrastructure we need to develop four plans; a Facilities, Equipment and two Infrastructure Maintenance
Plan.  These plans will allow us to foresee our maintenance needs and prepare for them.  This is especially
true of the Water and Sewer Districts that are supported by the town.

    Create Facilities Maintenance Plan that identify the End of Useful Life (EUL) for all government
    building components (e.g., roof, windows, access ways, sidewalks, building infrastructure and
    equipment) and create a forecast and plan for maintenance and its estimate cost.  

    Create an Equipment Maintenance Plan that identifies the EUL for all equipment (e.g., cars,
    machinery) and reevaluates the benefits of government-owned versus rented and move to the more
    cost effective option.

    Create a Road/Bridge Maintenance Plan that identifies the EUL for all sections of Roads and
    Bridges and create a forecast, cost estimate and plan for maintenance costs.  

    Create a Special District Maintenance Plan for each special district.  This plan will identify the EUL
    for the infrastructure of each Special District and provide a plan for the cost of its maintenance and

Modify the Town Budget Process and Simplify How it is Communicated to the Voters.

    This will be developed over the next few months and will be communicated to the voters when it is
    (Target date: October 15, 2011)

Reorganize the Town Government Structure

    N.Y.S. Commission on Local Efficiency and Competitiveness, in their Commission Brief on
    "Conversion of Elected Local Offices" has made their recommendations on what offices should be
    changed from elected to appointed.  Their recommendations support our proposal for change detailed

    The question that needs to be asked is “What responsibilities does this position have that make it
    necessary for it to be independent and act without oversight?”  

    Town Supervisor/Board:  Each of these positions should be answerable to the voters.  The
    Supervisor is responsible for managing our day to day business and the Town Board members provide
    oversight and approval on all financial matters.

    Highway Superintendent:  This position requires management, planning and engineering skills.  
    There is no need for it to be an elected position.

    Therefore, we should change this position to a Department of Public Works with responsibility for the
    Town’s infrastructure (buildings, roads, etc.).  The Superintendent of Public Works should report to the
    Supervisor. The Town Supervisor should appoint this person and the Town Board approve the

    Receiver of Taxes:  This position collects county taxes and maintains records on the taxes that are
    paid.  It must follow the law covering this activity and there is no need for it to be an elected position.  
    Therefore, this position should be filled as a civil service/appointed position.

    Town Clerk: This position is primarily an administrative position.  It is responsible for typing minutes,
    collecting licensing fees, logging and distributing mail and managing the records retention process for
    all town documents.  A process need to be defined to ensure that the town minutes are typed unedited.
    The Town Supervisor should appoint this person and the Town Board approve the appointment.
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