Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
High School Scholarship Award Instructions
Blooming Grove High School Scholarship Award

The Town of Blooming Grove Democratic Committee has created a $250 award to recognize a High school
senior who is graduating in 2017.   This award is to recognize a student for their work in both the school
community and the town community.   It is intended to be a recognition award for community service (The
candidate does not have to be going on for further education.)

The requirements for this award are as follows:
  1. Person being identified must be a resident of the Town of Blooming Grove and a High School Senior.  
    [Blooming Grove students in both Washingtonville and Monroe Woodbury are eligible for this award.]
  2. The student submitting the application must use the form at this link.  
  3. The application must also have 2 recommendations.  One of the recommendations must be from
    school district employees and the other should be from the organization where the student has

The steps that need to complete are:
  1. Complete and submit by May 1st the:
  • Application for the candidate.
  • Two recommendations.
    The Town Committee will then select the candidate that they feel is the most qualified.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Janette McKay ( or Laurisa
Sampson (
HS Citizen's Award process:
  • Submission and acceptance
    of Application form.
  • Submission and acceptance
    of 2 recommendations
  • You will receive a reformatted  
    document with the information
    submitted for your final
  • The Committee will vote on
    the candidate submission and
    notify you and the school of
    our decision.
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
To be Qualified for this
scholarship you must be a High
School Senior and a resident of
Blooming Grove.