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  • 2013 Orange County Sewer District   
    The following study uses the U.S. Census data along with numerous other documents to project population and housing growth
    within the communities that use the Orange County Sewer District.  What this study shows is that Kiryas Joel's housing
    growth will require an additional 22.5 million gallons per day (mgpd) of wastewater capacity by 2040 while the other
    communities in that district will require approximately 3.5 mgpd.  The estimated costs of providing that capacity is $600 million
    and will be paid for by all of the communities that are within that sewer district.

    In addition, this study uses documents that were sent between the County and the DEC to show that the current governance is
    ineffective at best and needs to be changed before we have an environmental disaster.

    "Arizona's new anti-immigrant law (SB1070) is an affront to American values of fairness and respect for our Constitution. We join people
    of conscience in our county in condemning the recently adopted law, which will  make racial profiling a norm. Instead of ensuring the
    safety of Arizona residents, the  law condones racial profiling and blatantly targets one population."  

    Authors: Sonia Ayala and Mary Olivera the chair and co-chair, respectively, of the Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County.

    "The Blooming Grove Town Board has introduced a proposal to change the term for the town supervisor from two years to four years.
    They say it is for administrative reasons, and this way, the supervisor would not have to run for reelection every two years and can
    concentrate on long-term planning"
"The price of freedom is eternal Vigilance"