Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
Platform Plank on Open Government
Platform Plank: Open Government
The Town of Blooming Grove needs to change how it uses communications and how it stores information
that the public may want to access.  We need a more proactive transparency where all data is made
available on the Internet and all responses to FOIL requests are given with a URL that will give the
requester the information that they want at no cost to them.

Information that should be available online:
1.        All contracts with the Town Of Blooming Grove
2.        All bids provided to the Town.
3.        All personnel, appointed, or elected and their salaries/stipends.
4.        All Budgets and Current Fund Balances
5.        All Bonds
6.        Capital Plans
7.        All Documentation that is used by the town in conducting its business.

Of course this will take some time to implement but we are committed to working towards full disclosure on
all bidding and contracts that are signed in support of services provided by our town.