Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
Managed Growth within our Environmental Limitations

  • Update the Comprehensive Plan and begin Implementation.
  • Monitor and report on implementation progress of the Comprehensive plan.
  • Encourage reasonable development while preserving the rural environment.
  • Concern for the community welfare first, before special interests
Open Government [more]

  • Full online disclosure of town actions.  Put all documentation covering town decisions concerning
    taxpayer funds online for access by the taxpayers.
Fiscal Responsibility [more]

  • Effective & timely reporting on all current expenditures.
  • Build future budgets based on a full year-end outlook of current expenditures.
  • Improve the budgeting process and expedite the year-end closing.
  • Include all bond appropriations and future costs in the budget reporting
  • Develop Strategic Maintenance Planning documents for all of our town infrastructure, Special
    Districts and Equipment.
  • Re-engineer our Town Structure to implement the recommendations of the NYS Commission
    on Local Government Efficiencies and Competitiveness in the Commissions brief on
    "Conversion of Local Elected Offices."
1997 to 2011 Town of Blooming
Grove Budget Assessments

  • 2008 Budget
Fiscal Responsibility