Blooming Grove Democratic Committee
Rumor Control
  1. Appointed Vs. Elected:
    Changing the Town Clerk, Receiver of Taxes and the Town Highway Superintendent to Appointed versus
    elected is not an attempt to take away your vote.

    It is an example of my effort to bring to the voters a proposal to make the Town Board accountable for all town
    services and reduce the cost of town services to the taxpayer by to eliminate three elected positions by making
    them appointed.  I met with stiff resistance from people across the county who currently hold these positions.  
    The thing I found most difficult to deal with was how former and currently elected officials use social media to
    provide misinformation to the voters in the hopes of pushing their agenda.

    The NYS Commission on local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness recommended that positions
    which are administrative and non-policymaking positions do not require direct accountability to the electorate
    and they identify the Town Clerk, Town Highway Superintendent and Receiver of Taxes as positions that
    should be changed.   However, they further stated that “resistance is frequently mounted by the local officials in
    charge of those function” making it difficult to implement these changes.  At the public meeting to discuss this
    we have at least 10 town clerks from around the county, 2 Town Highway superintendents and local town
    highway employees who opposed the initiative.  Thus supporting what the Commission had said.  

    The commission further stated that having these three elected positions makes merging of municipal
    departments or sharing of services with another municipality more difficult.  These are the initiatives that the
    state is tying our tax rebate to in the coming years and are one of the few opportunities for reducing cost of

    I frequently get calls from residents’ that their calls to some elected officials are not returned, or that an office
    was closed when someone came in during the day.  When I asked the elected officials for help I am told that
    they report to you the voter, not to me or Town Board.  I am told they do not have fixed hours because they are
    elected and the board cannot tell them with to do, if I ask them to take on a responsibility to save the town
    money, I am told no, or they need more headcount or I get no response.

    In 2016 I will again open the discussion on this topic because we need to have a dialogue where we each
    present our position on what this would mean to the town residents’ and the cost of town operations.  Then
    the voters can decide what is best for the town in a permissive referendum as required by law.  Neither the
    Supervisor or the Town Board can make this change, it is up to you the voters of our town.

    If you want change, if you want lower taxes you must vote or accept the consequences.

    Robert A. Fromaget
    Blooming Grove Town Supervisor
This page is intended to address rumors that have been reported to the Town Democratic
Committee.  If you hear a rumor about one of our candidates please feel free to let us know
and we will respond with the facts.  Thank you.